Something About Mary

I’ve retired from live training, but will still reach clients through video courses. 

I was a self-employed media trainer and presentation skills coach for 20 years. Before that, I worked in TV news, public affairs and public relations.

I worked with clients to prepare and practice keynote speeches, investor presentations, emcee scripts, quarterly earnings calls, product launches, strategy updates, motivational talks, acceptance speeches; you name it, I’ve heard it. My clients even asked me to take the microphone to do presentations about giving presentations, so I spent years onstage speaking about how to speak. 

I started my training career preparing leaders and subject matter experts to do media interviews everywhere from local news to national publications and networks. My clients worked in finance, banking, investments, insurance, education, agriculture, food and healthcare.

My first coaching gig was in high school, when I was asked to tutor other kids. I was painfully shy back then, and preferred my wallflower status. But tutoring taught me I had a knack for explaining things and helping others do their best. Even as a waitress in college, I was asked to train new employees. So my training career was apparently inevitable. 

Mary's Milestones

Retired, 2023

Founder, What's Your Point?
Sole Proprietor, Minneapolis

VP, Media Trainer
Weber Shandwick, Minneapolis

Press Aide
For Attorney General Hubert Humphrey III

Assignment Editor
KSTP-TV, Minneapolis

KSAX-TV, Alexandria, MN