Don't Suck

On a straw during your speech

A how-to guide for saving yourself—and your audience—from mind-numbing, snooze-worthy presentations.

In this humorous and practical guide to public speaking, Mary Milla offers tips for moving your presentations out of the PowerPoint weeds.

Drawing on more than two decades as a public speaking coach, Mary debunks common excuses and offers up strategies to make your next speech poised and polished—even if you feel like a pool of Jell-O inside. These practical, empowering tips will forever change the way you approach public speaking.

Mary also presents an eight-step plan for writing your speech using real-life “makeover moments,” showing exactly how she helped her clients tell their stories in an engaging way.

Finally, the book offers tips for other talks that speakers typically screw up: wedding toasts, speaking on a panel, even introducing other speakers. Using hilarious anecdotes from her personal experience, Mary steers you clear of cringe-inducing moments.

If you’ve ever wanted to get out of your public speaking rut—and not embarrass yourself in the process—this book is for you!

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