Virtual Training

Virtual Speaking

Now that presentations and media interviews have gone virtual, clear communication is essential. Your message is now competing with distracting backgrounds, technical issues and home environments. All the bad habits we had in real life are magnified in the virtual world.

I've transitioned my training to the virtual world to accommodate shorter attention spans as participants juggle work-from-home challenges. I'll help you choose between live webinars, pre-recorded content, online courses or a combination to meet your training goals.

Large Group Webinars

You Need This If: You have a group of 10+ people who would prefer the live give-and-take of learning together about how to create and deliver effective presentations. This webinar features Mary teaching live on-screen, with participants joining via audio and submitting questions via chat.

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Small Group Live + Online

You Need This If: You have a small team who would benefit from live coaching, but would appreciate it if some learning could occur on their own time. This option is available for media training and presentation skills training.

Participants will prepare on their own time, guided by Mary’s online courses for media interviews or presentation skills. When ready, Mary will facilitate a live virtual coaching session to offer feedback on messaging and delivery. Practice sessions will be recorded and provided to participants for future reference.

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Individual Training

You Need This If:  You're now presenting on-screen all day, and want to polish your skills and improve your overall effectiveness. This coaching consists of 2-3 live virtual sessions, and Mary will attend and review your virtual presentation. 


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I'll tailor the content development and rehearsal sessions to your goals, speaking opportunity and audience needs.

Online Courses

You Need This If: You're Zoomed out and prefer to learn at your own pace. I’ve converted my in-person media training and presentations skills coaching into online courses you can take on your own time, with unlimited views.

Online Course

The online course can be purchased by individuals. Or, organizations can purchase the number of seats they need at a discounted rate, allowing large numbers of employees to coach themselves. Ask Mary about tailoring any of the online courses to your organization.