In-Person Training

What's Your Point?

My training is based on this one essential question.

Bad speeches and presentations all have one thing in common: the speaker makes communication harder than it needs to be. My training sessions will help you and your teams pinpoint your goals, streamline your stories and deliver them in a way that gets the results you want. My method will clear your head of mind-numbing jargon and pie charts and have you telling a simple, compelling story with your own style.

COVID-19 Update: Given the times we're living in now, please know that the sessions described below can easily be offered virtually. I'm happy to tailor a virtual session to shorter timeframes to accommodate the challenges of working from home. 

Large Group Training

You Need This If: Your folks are all smart people who are decent presenters, but they struggle to condense their expertise into a concise story.

This two-hour workshop is for large groups, as many as a few hundred can attend together (my record is 1000!). I lead participants through my process for writing crisp, concise presentations in real time, so everyone finishes the session with a detailed outline they could use to finish their presentations on their own. This workshop is also ideal for presenters who need to freshen up existing presentations.

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Small Group Training

You Need This If: Your people are suffocating in too much detail and hampered by a lack of confidence and poor body language.

This four-hour session allows for individual attention and feedback, as well as a chance for teams who present together to practice together.  The ideal group size for this session is four people.

I record video of each participant delivering a presentation. Together, we watch the video and critique presenters on their content and delivery. We evaluate how well the content is organized from the audience’s point of view. We also watch the presenter’s body language, gestures, eye contact, and listen for the pace and volume of his/her voice.

After presenters receive feedback, they are asked to deliver the presentation a second time, for an opportunity to immediately apply the feedback. Participants receive copies of their videos after the session, as well as worksheets and a workbook to use in future presentations.

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Individual Training

You Need This If: You're delivering a high-stakes speech or simply want to improve your overall presence and public speaking effectiveness. 


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I work with executives and senior leaders to prepare for important external speeches, internal presentations and even video messages. I'll tailor the content development and rehearsal sessions to your needs, and will also attend your speeches to offer feedback and moral support.

Online Courses

You Need This If: You don’t have time to sit in a training session with me for half a day. Or, you really want professional development but your organization doesn’t have the budget for it. I’ve converted my in-person training sessions into nine video lessons so you can be your own coach on your own time.

Online Course

The online course can be purchased by individuals. Or, organizations can purchase the number of seats they need at a discounted rate, allowing large numbers of employees to coach themselves at their own pace. Ask Mary about tailoring the online course to your organization.