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Your Time, Your Pace.

If you need to improve your public speaking or learn how to do media interviews, I've converted the key learnings from my live coaching into quick and easy videos. For a one-time fee, you can learn on your own time and refer back to the course as often as you like.

Got Screen Fatigue?

As we all continue to do our jobs virtually, we run the risk of overdoing it on Zoom. Check out Mary's online course about how to make sure video meetings are effective, not exhausting. It's free! Go for it!

Presentation Skills

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Stop throwing slides together at the last minute and winging it
  • Develop a clear objective for your talk, instead of cramming everything you know into your talk and overwhelming your listeners
  • Distinguish what the audience needs to know vs. everything you know
  • Analyze your audience and tailor your content accordingly
  • Prepare for Q&A, oftentimes the most important part of a presentation
  • Rehearse aloud so you can be fully present during your talk
  • Manage nervousness and anxiety

What you’ll get:

  • Ten Video Modules that take you step-by-step through the process of preparing, creating and practicing a presentation
  • Worksheets to help you build your talk
  • Tip sheets and takeaways to keep as your personal reference guide
  • Ideas for creating a professional WFH virtual stage

You need this course if:

  • Your presentations to senior leadership are often derailed
  • You’re always running out of time, so no one ever sees the end of your presentation
  • You don’t have time to prepare the way you would like to
  • Your prep time is always scattered and last-minute
  • Your meetings are inefficient
  • You just got a promotion and you’ll be asked to speak to external audiences now
  • You’re a nervous wreck
  • Your boss says you need to get better at this public speaking stuff

$299 per person.

Ace Your Talk. 

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Media Interviews

You’re making news — in a good way — that’s great! This course will teach you how to organize your thoughts, prepare talking points, be quotable and stay on-message. The video lessons assume that you’re working with a PR consultant who is handling the logistics of the interview; this course focuses on developing what you want to say.

This course will teach you how to approach interviews strategically, give you confidence and increase your chances of being quoted the way you want to be, instead of leaving it all to chance.

What You’ll Get

  • Eight Video Modules that take you through the process of preparing key messages, anticipating questions and writing catchy quotes
  • Worksheets to help you organize your thoughts
  • Tip sheets to use as a quick reference guide when you’re on the go
  • Ideas for creating a professional WFH virtual interview studio

You need this course if:

  • Your job requires you to talk to reporters on a regular basis
  • You know you’re about to make news and you want to be ready
  • You don’t like how you’re quoted after media interviews

$299 per person. 

Ace the Interview.

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Mary's Book

If you’re not ready to commit to an online course yet, my book contains all the advice I offer during live coaching sessions. It’s a humorous how-to guide for saving yourself — and your audiences — from mind numbing, snooze-worthy presentations.

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