Mary's talks are based on this one essential question.

Bad speeches and presentations all have one thing in common: the speaker makes communication harder than it needs to be. Mary's talks will help you pinpoint your goals, streamline your story and deliver it in a way that shows off your enthusiasm for the topic. Her method will clear your head of mind-numbing pie charts and jargon, and get you back to telling a simple, compelling story with your own style.

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You Need This If: Your folks are all smart people who are decent presenters, but they struggle to condense their expertise into a concise story.

This two-hour workshop is for large groups; as many as 200 people have attended at once (Mary’s record is 1,000!).  Mary leads participants through her process for writing crisp, concise presentations by asking everyone to follow the process in real time, finishing the session with a real presentation they could deliver to an actual audience in the near future.   This workshop is also ideal for presenters who need to freshen up existing presentations.

You Need This If:  Your people are suffocating in too much detail and hampered by a lack of confidence and poor body language.

This four-hour session and small-group format allows for individual attention and feedback, as well as a chance for teams who present together to practice together.  The ideal group size for this session is four people.

Mary videotapes each participant delivering 5-7 minutes of a typical presentation.  Together, we watch the video and critique presenters on their content and delivery.  We judge how well the content is organized from the audience’s point of view.  We also watch the presenter’s body language, gestures, eye contact, and listen for the pace and volume of his/her voice.

After the presenter receives feedback, s/he is asked to deliver the presentation a second time, for an opportunity to immediately apply the feedback.

You Need This If: You’re the face of your company or team; you've just been promoted or your public speaking preparation is always scattered and last-minute.

This program is designed to give executives a time-saving method for creating presentations, leaving more room on busy calendars for rehearsal time.  This is a year-long commitment for leaders who are serious about becoming extraordinary presenters.  Clients agree to develop and rehearse at least four speeches throughout the year with Mary.  Mary will also attend your speeches and offer feedback and moral support!

No time for training? You can learn quick tips on how to create presentations and prepare for media interviews with Mary's video tutorials. Click here for more info